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Events in 2016

OTCi Graduation Ceremony

Our heartiest Congratulations to Aziz Bin Jabal; Engineer-Ops and Radiance representation and Executive Councilor with UTES. The graduation ceremony was held on on 12th Nov 2016 at Orchid Country Club.

Aziz recently graduated with an Advanced Certificate in Industrial Relations (ACIR). The course held over 11 Saturdays was specially customised by UTES for its members. It was indeed a tough ride for Aziz as he had to juggle customer calls, standby duties, family commitment and this course. Most days, Aziz has to complete his shift work (sometime overnight fault calls), and then rush off for his Saturday classes, thus sacrificing his rest hours. We were very proud to celebrate Aziz’s achievement and once again, our heartiest Congratulations to Aziz for his achievements.

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Stay Productive. Stay Protected. In the Cloud

In this event, we co-host with Microsoft to share with the audience the various ways of keeping business agile, secure and productive in the cloud.

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Radiance Night at the Races 2016

A fun and pulsating night with our Avaya & Microsoft customers at “Radiance Night at the Races 2016"

30 September 2016

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An enjoyable and informative networking night with our Mitel customers at “Radiance Night at the Races 2016”

11 November 2016

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Singtel's Club 100 Award FY1516

Yes, Radiance did it again! Radiance is thrilled to announce that we had recently clinched two accolades, the Singtel's Club 100 Award and the Most Progressive Direct Partner at the Singtel Channel Partner Awards Night 2016!

It is our second consecutive year to receive the Singtel's Club 100 award. This recognises our excellent performance as we achieved the financial targets for FY1516. Having doubled our sales revenue in FY1516, we are also presented the Most Progressive Direct Partner award by Singtel.

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Interactive Intelligence PureCloud Kickoff Lunch


Our inaugural collaboration event with technology partner, Interactive Intelligence, to launch the innovative new contact center solution – PureCloud.

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Microsoft Skype for Business Conference

As one of the leading Skype for Business partners with Microsoft, we participated their roadshow on the 23 Mar. During the event, we deep dived into the key features of Skype for Business’s enterprise voice at our speaking slot and booth area, and showcased how we can build an intelligent enterprise communication for any organisations anytime, anywhere, and on any devices.

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Usher Into a Prosperous New Year

Radiance Lo hei celebration!

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Jabra Sales Incentive Program Mini Celebration

A get-together celebration to congratulate our top sales person for their achievement in this Program.

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