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Events in 2018

Radiance Jabra Linkedin Challenge Prize Presentation

A get-together celebration to congratulate our winners in the Radiance-Jabra Linkedin Challenge

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Jabra Mini-Challenge Celebratory 2

A mini celebration for our Jabra top sales heroes for FY18 Q2/3.
Our heartiest congratulations to Ashen & Joel!
Keep up the good work and continue to strive for excellence !

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Secure X Enhance X Equip the Contact Center

A seminar, supported by Verint and Jabra, to explain the necessary know-hows to setup and run the ultimate Contact Center that is Secure and Future-Ready!

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Mid Autumn Celebration

We celebrated Mid-Autumn early at Radiance by extending the invites to staff family members for a get-together.

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Its Time To Assemble Your Teams Together

This event, we are proud to share with customers about Intelligent Communications with Microsoft Teams

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Jabra Mini-Challenge Celebratory

A get-together celebration to congratulate our top sales person for their achievement in this Program.

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The Microsoft Surface Hub Experience

Our exclusive touch-and-feel session of the highly-acclaimed Microsoft Surface Hub to see why more of our customers are adopting it, exceeding everyone’s expectations!

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Chinese New Year Celebration 2018

As part of the celebration, we invited 2 lions to go around our office to give blessing to our staff. On behalf of Radiance, we would like to wish everyone good luck, peace and prosperity!

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New Fleet of Commercial Vans

Starting of 2018, Radiance rolled out our new fleet of Nissan NV200 commercial vans to continue serving our customers' business communication needs.

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