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6 Reasons Why Microsoft Teams isn’t Like Other Collaboration Software

14 Aug 2019

Microsoft Teams is a messaging tool that allows users to communicate one or one or in groups, whatever device they use.

It may look like a simple tool but as of December last year, Spicework’s survey showed that Teams became the 2nd most popular group chat software, next only to Slack.

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 Unified Communications As A Service - 5 Reasons Why CIOs and CTOs Are Obsessed Over It

31 May 2019

Unified Communications As A Service - CIOs and CTOs are obsessed over it. Here are the 5 reasons why you should too.

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PBX Phone System - Everything You Need To Know In the New Era of Enterprise Communications

30 April 2019

With the growing popularity of PBX phone system in the new era of enterprise communications, PBX phone remains a mystery to many people. Find out how a PBX phone system works and how it can help you businesses today!

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Chatbot in Customer Service - Revolutionising Customer Service with Artificial Intelligence

31 March 2019

The race to offer the best customer experience is on. Find out how chatbot can revolutionise your customers’ experience. Learn more here!

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Contact Centre Setup Checklist - Your Guide to Setup A Contact Centre

28 February 2019

The complete contact centre setup checklist you can follow. We have put together this checklist that can be used by any company to help you with your contact centre set up or used to improve your existing ones.

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Contact Centre Technology 2019 - Your Complete Guide to Read Before Setting Up One

31 January 2019

The technology used in contact centres can be confusing for many people. We have put together this guide to provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision in setting up a contact centre or looking to improve your current one.

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5 Contact Centre Trends You Need to Know In 2019

31 December 2018

With the year 2018 coming to an end, it is time we revisit and find out what are the latest contact centre trends coming up in the brand new year.

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Complete Guide to Humanising Customer Experience

30 Novemeber 2018

“Customer experience is the new brand”. We have put together a simple but complete guide to help you take the first step to humanising your company’s customer experience.

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6 Reasons Why Companies Fail at Digital Transformation

31 October 2018

Digital transformation is the current hot topic discussed within companies. However, not many of them succeed in the transformation. Find out the reasons why most companies fail and how you can overcome them.

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Field Service Management - 4 ways to keep your field service employees happy

30 September 2018

Field service management has been made easier with technology. Let us share how technology can assist you and your business to manage your field service workforce more efficiently and effectively.

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Rethinking Internal Communications. Top 3 Challenges for Companies

31 August 2018

Is your organization using the correct tools & solutions to facilitate modern workplace communication? Find out what are the top 3 challenges companies faced in the modern workplace.

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Data Protection for Healthcare Provider: The Aftermath

31 July 2018

The discussion of data privacy and data protection is not new to anyone. Especially after numerous of high-profile data breach cases in recent months.

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Avaya: Communications in Modern Day Business

30 June 2018

In a world continuously evolving, businesses have become digitized and easy to reach a certain number of people. Find out more about how Avaya can help you transform your communication system for the modern day business.

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Surface Hub 2: Turn Any Space Into A Teamwork Space

31 May 2018

Microsoft unveiled the successor to their Surface Hub line of product, dubbed Surface Hub 2. Get mesmerised with the new Surface Hub with brilliant 4k+ display and extremely thin bezel. Learn more!

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Jabra Engage - Engineered to be the world's most powerful and secure professional wireless headsets

30 April 2018

If you have not heard about the latest Jabra Engage professional wireless headset, you are missing out big time. Helm as the gold standard of a professional headset as it sets multiple new standards for call quality, security and the capability to allow multiple staffs to use the headset simultaneously.

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Communications and Collaborative Solution for Healthcare Industry

31 March 2018

Collaborative Solution for Healthcare Industry. Every second count in the healthcare industry. The level of efficiency in the communication system used in a hospital can be a life and death matter.

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Microsoft Surface Hub – 5 Ways It Will Undoubtedly Change The Way You Work

28 February 2018

Microsoft Surface Hub is the ultimate all in one multi-touch screen solution that you need to have in your conference room.

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Microsoft Surface Hub – More Than Just A Digital Whiteboard

31 January 2018

Microsoft Surface Hub is a massive Windows 10 display aims to boost productivity, designed to help you and your teams to work better together. Find out about our hands-on experience with the latest Surface Hub for the modern workplace here!

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6 Unified Communications Trends to Look Out For in 2018

31 December 2017

In 2017, Unified Communications emerged as one of the trending business terms. So what does 2018 hold for the future of the business communications sector?

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Business Trends 2018: 3 Business Trends to Look Out For

30 November 2017

Here are the 3 business trends that will help you drive success in both you and your company in the coming year 2018. Is your business “2018 ready”? Learn more here!

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Customer Experience Pitfalls – Are You Guilty of Committing Them?

31 October 2017

Customer is king – the age-old business teaching that tells us the importance of customer experience (CX) in every business. Avoid the 6 common customer experience pitfalls today!

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The Real Business Benefits of Video Conferencing

30 September 2017

Find out the benefits of integrating video conferencing solutions and how it can transform your business. Learn more today!

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Unified Communications and Collaboration – Solving Your Key Enterprise Communications Challenges

31 August 2017

Enterprise communications is one of the most complicated areas in an organisation. Find out how unified communications and collaboration solutions help you overcome your biggest challenges in enterprise communication.

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Unified Communications & Collaboration Between Organisations

31 July 2017

Unified communications and collaboration adoption is the route to improve the communication efficiency within their organisations. However, are these tools sufficient to support you in external communications?

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3 Easy to Follow Steps to Digital Transformation

30 June 2017

Find out what digital transformation means to your company and learn the 3 simple steps to help you embark in this digital transformation journey.

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How to Choose the Right Business Phone System for Your Business

30 May 2017

Complete business phone system guide to help you choose the right phone system. Find out the pros and cons of different types of business phone system. Learn more.

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The changing face of the contact centre and customer experience

30 April 2017

Call centres have always been the core of the entire ecosystem of customer service aspect for businesses. Find out how it can empower businesses today!

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5 Contact Centre Trends You Need to Know

31 March 2017

Call centres have always been the core of the entire ecosystem of customer service aspect for businesses. Find out how it can empower businesses today!

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What is Cloud Computing and What It Really Means?

28 February 2017

We have heard of the term cloud computing. But not many know what it really means. Find out why businesses shifted to cloud computing and you should too!

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Video Conferencing - 5 Shocking Reasons Companies Are Slow in Adopting It

25 January 2017

5 shocking reasons why companies are slow in adopting video conference despite the wonderful benefits it brings to the table.

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PBX Phone System, 5 Benefits of What You Need to Know

29 December 2016

PBX systems have become one of the most widely used telephony systems by businesses nowadays. Learn more about how PBX can help you grow your business.

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Cloud Based Unified Communications and Why It Make Sense for Business

31 November 2016

Find out why cloud based unified communications makes the perfect sense for all businesses by saving cost and enjoy flexibility.

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3 Unified Communications Trends You Need to Know

31 October 2016

Unified communications will be the mainstream communication tools used by enterprise, with its extensive business benefits. 3 UC trends businesses need to know.

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8 Must-Have Call Centre Technology You Are Not Using!

27 September 2016

Call centre technology combines telecommunication technology. Learn the 8 must-have call centre technology that improve service level and productivity.

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3 Reasons Why SMBs Should Use Office 365 Business

25 August 2016

With 1.2 billion people using Microsoft Office in 140 countries, many of us have Microsoft Office installed in our computers to carry out task like report writing using Microsoft Word, preparing a presentation with Microsoft Powerpoint and analysing of data using Microsoft Excel.

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Difference Between VOIP and Unified Communications

25 July 2016

Individuals are often confused with the terms unified communications and VOIP. In fact, they meant two complete different communication technology.

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Why You Should Make the Switch to VoIP

20 June 2016

VoIP is now the de facto standard for office communications for any new start up, SMB or Company looking to revamp their phone systems. There are several factors on why VOIP should be the system that you implement to keep up with the ever changing landscape of technology.

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Why Should Business Upgrade to Unified Communications

25 May 2016

4 Reasons to consider why your business should upgrade to Unified Communications and how it will benefit your Business.

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Unified Communications: Cloud Vs On Premises

29 Apr 2016

What is the difference between having your unified communications system on cloud or on premise?

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What is Skype for Business

29 Apr 2016

Skype for Business , previously called Lync, is a unified communication platform tailored at enterprise level, enhance productivity today!

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Benefits of Unified Communications

6 Apr 2016

Companies are starting to discover the appeal of a communications solution that extends the power of their business phone system far beyond dial tone.

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What is Unified Communications

21 Mar 2016

Unified Communications or in short UC is a marketing buzzword referring to the seamless integration of communication tools that facilitate the process of communications and collaborations at enterprise level.

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How to Keep the Customers For Life

15 Jul 2014

It is well known fact that getting a new customer is more expensive as compared to retaining the existing customers.

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