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Collaborative Solution for Healthcare Industry

Every second counts in the healthcare industry. The level of efficiency in the communication system used in a hospital can be a life and death matter.

In order to ensure all critical messages are being passed on from one person to another in a swift and concise manner, it requires a robust communications solution.

A Robust Communications Solution in Healthcare Industry

Cutting even a few minutes from the time it takes to connect medical professionals can vastly improve patient outcomes and the entire inpatient or outpatient experience.

In additions, it also improves the healthcare providers' bottom lines.

According to a study carried out by Accenture, hospitals that provide superior patient experience generate 50% higher financial performance than average healthcare providers.

Communication Errors – Hand-Offs Between Departments

During a hand-off between two departments in a hospital, that is where errors are most likely to happen.

A face to face communication is the best options to relay the message in a clear and concise manner. However, due to the fast-paced environment in a hospital, securing the face time with an individual might pose a challenge.

A unified communications solution allows everyone in the team to have complete visibility of each other's availability with presence information. In an event whereby the other party is busy, alternative communication option like video conference comes in handy if both parties cannot be in the same physical space, at the same time allowing them the time and opportunity to clarify any of their doubts about the patient.

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Unified communications (UC) – Make Communication a Breeze

Unified communications (UC) solutions with collaboration tools enable healthcare professionals to be able to act promptly, accurately and effectively.

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As Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative becomes increasingly common in a organisation, UC makes this transition seamless.

Regardless of the healthcare staff being on-site or off-site, a unified communication solution will allow users to easily update their availability status for everyone to see. This makes it simpler for healthcare team members to know the best way to reach one another, whether it's a direct call, an instant message or a video chat.

With unified communications, staff members can take their numbers with them wherever they go and answer calls on any device. This eliminates the need to carry multiple devices, and the organization can dramatically reduce cellular and other paging service expenses.

Unified communication technology can be housed on-site, in the cloud or through a hybrid solution, whichever suits your organisation needs. This results in a lower total cost of ownership while also allowing for scalability if a facility expands or acquisitions occur.

With an intuitive system user interface, users should be able to easily set up the mobility user app and require little-to-no assistance from facility IT staff.

Unified communications make it possible for medical professionals to significantly improve patient outcomes. With patient information and tools such as email, instant messaging, SMS, video and voice fully integrated, collaboration is just a click away and connecting staff quickly and easily is possible no matter where they are.


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