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Avaya: Communications in Modern Day Business

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Avaya: Communications in Modern Day Business

In a world continuously evolving, businesses have become digitized and easy to reach a certain number of people. One of the greatest companies to offer such communication benefits is Avaya. Check out their latest solutions that gives your business the complete overhaul it needs in the communication system.

Avaya IP Office – simplifying the way you communicate and collaborate

The Avaya IP Office platform is a one-stop app designed to digitalise your business operations. It comes with a range of features that were created not only to help you stay connected, but also to be truly productive.

Scale as you grow, eliminating unnecessary investment especially when you are still growing. Aside from its scalability, Avaya IP Office also comes with voice and messaging features, without additional modules. There are also other exciting features like conferencing, a contact centre, video and harmonized communication. That way, you can run your business digitally on the comfort of your device and stay mobile. Our platform also provides you with an adequate tracking and reporting system designed to help you monitor your business. One of the best perks of using our platform is the fact that it is an affordable option and a money saver.

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Avaya Equinox™ - Your Cloud Conferencing Room

The conventional conferencing solutions are often:

  1. Complex
  2. Requires maintenance
  3. Investing in infrastructure/hardware
  4. Hiring specialist to set it up

The Avaya Equinox™ is born, to eliminate all these and allowing it to do all the heavy lifting. However, instead of transforming the way you run your business, it seeks to blend into it.

The Avaya Equinox™ makes sharing and brainstorming very easy by eliminating the boundaries of communication in your business. Your staff or team members get to create chat rooms on the platform of different categories where they can seamlessly communicate with each other by text, share files and assignments, share their screens and even set up online meetings on the platform. Being an all in one hub, you can easily check your message, meetings history and take an action with just one click. Your communication is undoubtedly stable with our quality HD video and top-notch voice clarity features with remote access that works regardless of the VPN. You have unlimited ability to share text, video, pictures and files at the touch of a button.

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Avaya Vantage™ - A Professional Desktop Experience

The Avaya Vantage™ is the first and only desktop device available in the industry that provides a desk phone experience together with the flexibility you will get from an application-based platform.

Avaya Vantage™ is perfect for a workplace, from backend such as a corporate desktop to the frontend like hotel rooms.

With this, communications within your business crosses new limits as there are no breaks in transmission or unexpected pauses plus, you don't even have to manage more than one device to engage your team. It comes with excellent audio clarity, a capable touchscreen and even a corded or cordless handset according to your choice. Your Avaya Vantage can work limitlessly on approved Avaya third-party call control platforms. If you're on the Avaya Aura platform, you have access to a full integration with Avaya Equinox™ to create custom applications that suit your business needs.

Avaya CU-360, All In One Video Collaboration Unit

The Avaya CU-360 is an all-round team that is centred on collaboration. This collaboration unit allows you to video call and conferencing to your communication and create a convenient user experience for your entire team.

With Avaya CU-360, you are getting enterprise grade solutions that caters to your business size and needs. Our open system ensures smart collaboration with adequate support for your usual business productivity applications. It can also sync with Avaya Equinox™ to facilitate online meetings and making setup process a breeze. It comes with a system that will sit easily on your meeting room display with a Wi-Fi, a set of integrated microphones and great Bluetooth connectivity. With a full HD 1080p video, a 4k camera sensor, Avaya Screen link to ensure video presentation devoid of cables, 4k display support that is interoperable with H323 and SIP, you have no communication worries at all.

Download Avaya CU-360 Collaboration Unit Full Specifications

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