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How to Keep the Customers For Life


It is well known fact that getting a new customer is more expensive as compared to retaining the existing customers. We should understand, that customer also would like to deal with tried and tested suppliers, instead of trying a new one every now and then. Because, approval of new customer is an expensive process. Hence it is in the interest of both supplier and the customer that they maintain long term relationship with one another.

A supplier will be able to maintain the customer’s relation for very long term if supplier could adopt the following strategies:

  • Give the customer best service and the best quality possible for the price; the customer need not have to think earlier supplier or new supplier.
  • Give the customers emotion and logic – emotion enables the customer to buy first time; the logic helps him to repeat his purchase.
  • All the touch points with the supplier's organisation should be pleasant and delightful to the customers.
  • Track the customer’s experience formally or informally.
  • Avoid nagging follow up; each call should offer value to the customers.
  • Improvise every aspect of sales process - sampling, offer, order booking, dispatch, documents, payment collection – to add ease to the customers.
  • Increase your share with the key customers - the higher the share the longer the commitment from the customers.
  • Focus on relationship aspects also; interact on matters which are beyond business.
  • Analyse the customer’s attitude to match the service to meet the costumer’s mind set.
  • Attend to unspoken needs also; give extra service beyond the needs of the business.

Source: Achuthan, R. (2014, July 13) How to create customers for life, from http://www.mindtrain.in/blogs

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