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Jabra Engage - Engineered to be the world's most powerful and secure professional wireless headsets

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If you have not heard about the latest Jabra Engage professional wireless headset, you are missing out big time.

Helm as the gold standard of a professional headset as it sets multiple new standards for call quality, security and the capability to allow multiple staffs to use the headset simultaneously. Jabra Engage is engineered to be the world's most powerful and secure professional wireless headsets.

Jabra Engage is designed to help call-centric businesses to help them overcome common pain points faced by heavy headset users.

Enhanced Security

With the rise of cybercrimes, security is the utmost concerns for businesses. Secure your business-sensitive communications with Jabra Engage.

Its security feature goes above and beyond with is 3 steps security features.

Jabra has patented 'physical assisted pairing' to increase security. The Jabra assisted pairing method takes place only when the headset is docked in the base unit, and a secret link-key is then formed when the two pair.

At the start of a call, encryption is used to set up secure authentication between the Engage headset and its base. A link is established using a secret key-link formed in the pairing.

A "non-paired" headset cannot be used with the base unit. The authentication link is also protected by encryption.

During a call, the audio signal between the base unit and headset carry out data transfer secured via encryption. With Jabra Engage, the encryption link is renewed every minute to make decryption more difficult.

Call Density

With increased usage of communications technology, calls are getting long and organisations are facing one major problem, DECT channel availability. Jabra Engage allows 3 times as many staff in a shared space to connect wirelessly, solving the 'density' problem experienced by competing technologies, without negatively impacting the call experience in terms of sound quality and range.

Wireless Range

Jabra Engage boasts a wireless range of up to 150 metres, this frees employees from their workstation, allowing them to move freely without affecting call quality.

Advanced Noise Cancellation

In addition, its advanced noise-cancelling microphones and enhanced speakers provide crystal-clear audio. Helping your employees to hear every single word during the conversation clearly no matter how busy the surrounding environment is.

Unparalleled Battery Life

Did we mention the new Jabra Engage has unparalleled battery life, with up to 13 hours of talk time?

It comes with a busylight indicator, that acts as a 'do-not-disturb' sign. This is crucial in a busy work environment, helping you to concentrate on things that matter most and keep disturbance at bay.


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