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Microsoft Surface Hub – 5 Ways It Will Undoubtedly Change The Way You Work

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5 Ways the Microsoft Surface Hub Will Undoubtedly Change The Way You Work

Microsoft Surface Hub is the ultimate all in one multi-touch screen solution that you need to have in your conference room. If you have not heard about it, you can learn more about the Surface Hub in our previous article.

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Surface Hub helps you to connect individuals and teams regardless of their location and breathe new life in your mundane meeting at the office. Transforming ordinary places into modern collaboration spaces.

Read on to find out how this device can forever change the way you conduct meetings and collaboration among your team.

The Ultimate Editor

Instead of having one person in the meeting to take down notes, store it at his/her laptop's hard disk, and then religiously emailing it out to other attendees and wait for their inputs, why not make those inputs/edits on the spot?

Meetings are sometimes seen as a time waster. Why not make every productive hour count?

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The screen's impressive multitouch capacity, up to 100 fingers can draw, write, or make selections on the screen at the same time. Well, I am not saying you should have 100 people standing in front of a Surface Hub and start working on a document. This allows every team member to provide inputs instead of zoning out halfway through the meeting.

After the editing, instead of having one person to save the document and pass it from one person to another, simply share the document with all attendees with a few taps on the screen of your Surface Hub.

Whiteboard That Never Runs Out of Space

Surface Hub's whiteboard app provides you with endless canvas and will never run out of space.

With a traditional whiteboard, one will jot down few ideas and then take a photo of the whiteboard to "save" the ideas before erasing them off to give way for more ideas.

With the Surface Hub, you can jot down endless ideas you and your team had. You can even add rich media such as images and videos to the whiteboard.

At the end of the meeting, simply email the whiteboard to you and other relevant team members.

Breathe New Life into Boring Presentations

Typical presentations are boring.

At every meeting room presentation, the presenter will be standing at the front of the room and start reading from the PowerPoint slides he/she spent a few sleepless nights to complete.

With the Surface Hub, PowerPoint becomes an integral part of the presentation. You can digitally ink any pointers or to highlight certain points the audiences need to focus. You can also open up the whiteboard app and have a team member start jotting down notes as you present.

PDF Document – Fear No More

Editing on a PDF document has always been a nightmare for everyone. However, with Drawboard PDF, it allows every team member to annotate, markup and work together on the same PDF document.

Instead of creating multiple versions of the same PDF document for different edits by various team members, why not work on a single document? Collaboration features like this help you to save time and always ensure that the team gets the final copy of the file.

Wide Range of Productivity Apps to Choose From

You can find a wide range of productivity apps in the Windows ecosystem that works seamlessly with your Surface Hub, giving you the best possible experience on the device.

Regardless your profession and industry, you can find apps that help you makes your work easier. For example, Mathematics teachers can make use of FluidMath app and make teaching algebra more interactive and helps the students to grasp the mathematics concept better.

These 5 examples are by no means the extent of what you can accomplish on the Surface Hub. The capabilities of Surface Hub are endless and all leave to your imagination.


Not too sure if you should get a Surface Hub for your office? Why not schedule a demo with us to find out if it is capable of changing the way you work and boost your workplace productivity. Contact us today to book your demo.

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