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The changing face of the contact centre and customer experience

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Contact Centres – The Core Of Customer Service

Contact centres or call centres have always been the core of the entire ecosystem of customer service aspect for businesses. It helps companies to drive business efficiencies and satisfaction. The days are long gone whereby contact centre only serves the company need of managing and answering customers inbound call.

A contact centre in today’s context must support a business that is increasingly complex and in a multi channeled environment. This is to ensure that the business can deliver the right kind of service to multiple customer types and keep themselves abreast of the ever-evolving customer behavior.

As the role of contact centre evolve, its importance is starting to be more widely recognized by others. In the past, call centre agents are tasked to focus on a single mode of contact, either incoming or outgoing. Now they are being tasked with managing both incoming and outgoing communications. This requires companies to deploy contact centre solutions that are optimized to maximize productivity without the hefty initial investment.

Technologies in Contact Centre Solutions

Work anywhere and flexible work arrangement
IP based contact centre platform enables companies to employ remote working arrangement and set up virtual team to drive down operating cost.

Self-service options
With the integration of self service options, removing the need for customer service representatives to manage every call.

Five contact centre trends driven by people and technology

Previously, we explored 5 trends that are driven by both people and technology. Not forgetting how these trends are driving significant change in the operations of a contact centre. The trends are:

  1. From cost centre to revenue generator
  2. The demands of Generation Y
  3. Blended calling: the repurposing of outbound technology
  4. Demand for unified suites
  5. Contact centre as a service (CCaaS)

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