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What is Skype for Business


Lync is now skype for business.

Skype for Business, previously called Lync, is a unified communications platform tailored at enterprise level. It provides efficient way to connect with your co-workers and business partners. After the rebrand and redesign, Skype for Business takes on a familiar look and feel of the consumer version.

Skype for Business integrates Instant Messaging (IM), voice call, presence technology, video call and video conferencing into a single platform. Together with enterprise grade security and management, companies can focus on business development with Skype for Business to give companies a productivity boost.

Why should businesses choose Skype for Business?

Skype for Business offers capacity and productivity advantages geared for businesses that are big—or that want to look big. For a business with any of the above mentioned features in their enterprise communication system, graduating from free Skype to Skype for Business provides a worthwhile return on investment.

What are the key functions of Skype for Business

Hosting large scale conference online.
Skype for business allows companies to host voice or video conference with up to a whopping 250 participants, suitable for set up like hosting of webinars etc.

Seamless integration with existing office infrastructure.
Based on statistic provided by Microsoft, more than 1.2 billion people are using Microsoft Office in 140 countries. With the use of Skype for Business, companies can minimise the hassle to integrate it into their existing enterprise system.

Enterprise grade security
However, this does not mean that other unified communications solutions are vulnerable against eavesdroppers. While all Skype traffic (both consumer version and Skype for Business) is encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Skype for Business raises the stakes with stronger authentication methods that give companies system administrator greater control over accounts and determine individual access level.

How can I sign up for Skype for Business?

Radiance Communications is Microsoft Skype for Business Gold Communications Partner and Silver Cloud Productivity Partner. Speak to our technical specialist today.

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