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Unlock the power of the group with Surface Hub, a powerful team collaboration device designed to re-invent the way people work together.

1. A brand new collaboration device that integrates the best of Microsoft hardware, software, and productivity services in a single package

Hardware Overview

  • The innovative display technology allows the pen and touch experience to be as natural and responsive on a large screen as you’ve come to expect from a smaller device like a phone or tablet
  • Designed to be inviting: Built-in sensors enable the device to light up when approaches it at the start of a session

Software Overview

  • Surface Hub features a new Windows 10 experience designed with group productivity at its core
  • This allows Surface Hub to be a shared device across multiple individuals, where anyone can walk up and use it—unlike a PC, where you need to log in and where your data and content is stored
  • Welcome screen designed to be simple and intuitive, featuring key experiences that groups do together: call, whiteboard, connect content

Services Overview

  • Surface Hub features versions of Microsoft’s top productivity services like Skype for Business, OneNote, and Office that are optimized for groups and the large screen
  • Services are integrated directly into the OS for seamless experience—for instance you can join a Skype for Business call directly from the welcome screen

2. Make meetings engaging and productive

  • Surface Hub enables workers to walk up and instantly start a meeting--whether scheduled or ad hoc
  • Scheduled meetings show up on the welcome screen, so with a single tap, you can join the meeting without the need to log in or connect any equipment
  • We improve remote experience, so you can have a productive, engaging meeting without getting on an airplane
  • Share content effortlessly be it wireless or wired connection so anyone can share content without the disruption of disconnecting cables from one user to the next
  • Walk away with confidence: when you click end session, content is sent to meeting attendees, and then wiped from the machine

3. Best digital tools to create and brainstorm

  • Surface Hub provides the best tools for creating and brainstorming
  • Easy to use—pick up the pen and the OneNote whiteboard automatically launches
  • You can save your whiteboard as a rich OneNote file and email it to meeting attendees so that your ideas don’t disappear when you leave the room

4. Platform for amazing large screen apps

  • Surface Hub provides a platform to build amazing large-screen apps for group productivity
  • You can share any Windows application (including desktop apps) from your personal device to the Surface Hub
  • With touchback and inkback, anyone can walk up to the Surface Hub and control it. • Comes with powerful, familiar Microsoft applications like Skype for Business, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel
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