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At Radiance, we provide assessment and optimisation services to help you evaluate existing network performance and identify areas for improvements when implementing a Unified Communications (UC). Our team of industry certified network consultant, holding credential like Cisco (CCIE), Avaya (ACSS) and Extreme networking certification (ENS), is equipped with a wide range of experience to plan and take responsibility of your network infrastructure, making sure your real-time communication network is stable and ready for cloud migration.

Network 365 is a network assessment offering that strategise and optimise your network infrastructure before implementation. To ensure an overall cloud readiness when moving to Skype for Business in Office 365, we leverage on SOF methodology to resolve existing network issues and undertake remediation activities. Our network experts provides the following assessment such as:

  • LAN/WAN and WIFI test and monitoring to evaluate whether a pure Cloud deployment or hybrid implementation is appropriate for your business.
  • Utilises network assessment software to load tests with automated simulated Skype traffic to find problems in the network for voice, video, and desktop sharing.
  • Provides ‘One-Click’ troubleshooting for each internal private network device with root cause analysis and prescriptive remediation guidance.
  • Aggregates assessment results and provides full detailed network health assessment report with specific analysis, performance and issues for each network device.

Upon completion of assessment, we will craft a final network topology diagram; proposed new architecture changes and relevant network investment to prepare for Skype for Business migration in Office 365.

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