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Support and Maintenance

To keep your network operations healthy and optimised, ongoing support and dedicated maintenance are critical. As the system integrator with the largest pool of certified technical professionals in Singapore, Radiance is able to provide you with quality services, anywhere you are, any time you need.


24/7 Contact Centre
Whether you have a simple query or need to report a fault, our award-winning Customer Contact Centre (CCC) is just a phone call away – at any hour. Any incident report or job request received is immediately channelled to our pool of technical consultants for timely resolution. Our support and maintenance services are available regionally as well. With easy access to our direct on-site services, your regional offices in Malaysia or anywhere in the region are equally well taken care of.

Remote and On-site Diagnostics and Resolution
Rapid response to technical difficulties can minimise service disruption and downtime. That’s why we have a Remote Diagnostic Centre (RDC). From the RDC, our specialists use advanced remote management tools to programme adjustments and attend to faults at the soonest notice. But if an on-site visit is required, your request is promptly assigned to a field engineer with the highest matching skill-sets in the closest proximity for the swiftest turnaround time. We have engineers on stand-by after business hours as well, so all it takes is just a phone call and help is on hand, whenever you need it.

Preventive Maintenance
Have you ever experienced a serious breakdown of your communications system? Is system malfunction a consistent irritant for you and your users? It’s time to establish a preventive maintenance program that minimises downtime and increases the long-term reliability of your system.

Preventive maintenance is a schedule of planned maintenance actions aimed at preventing breakdowns and failures. Its primary goal is to preserve and enhance your system reliability for better predictability of potential breakdowns before one occurs. In today’s competitive marketplace, maintaining service continuity is crucial. Imagine the potential revenue lost and the unwelcome expenses incurred from downtime if responses to your customers are delayed.

At Radiance, our preventive maintenance team schedules regular visits to your premises with system and configuration backup. We perform verifications and checks on overall system functionalities to ensure updates and software patches are delivered on time. With this, you can rely on us to reduce downtime and maximise your return investment on preventive maintenance.

Regional Support and Maintenance
Radiance’s regional presence in Malaysia and strong partnerships with overseas service partners enable us to efficiently support customers in distant markets. Our regional offices are staffed by well-qualified native sales professionals and technical experts who will ensure you receive a prompt and accurate response for your communications needs. Radiance works with certified overseas partners that have extensive in-country geographic coverage and proven field experience in the converged voice and data communications industry. As our regional customers, you can rest assured that our maintenance and support packages will suit your needs and budgets without compromising on the quality of our work. With Radiance, you will receive the same high standard of service from all of our regional offices.

Auxiliary Solutions and Services
At Radiance, we are committed to taking care of every aspect of your communications needs, be it big or small. So whether you need multimedia recording or call accounting systems, headsets or even batteries, you can count on us for your complete solution. Our strong partnerships with leading peripheral product vendors, helps us provide the perfect complement to your communications solution.

What auxiliary solutions and services do we offer?

  • Interface cards (Digital/Analogue),
  • Phones sets
  • Batteries
  • Rectifiers
  • Call accounting systems
  • Headsets
  • Extension/company relocation
  • Cabling
  • Swapping of extensions
  • Programming such as call restriction, speed dialling, allowed/disallowed lists, etc.

Real-time Job Monitoring
The sophisticated technology that drives our work processes enables us to provide outstanding customer service. Using a dynamic service management application, we maintain real-time visibility of all job requests within the normal business hour – from the allocation of the service engineer, to the estimated arrival time on site, to the completion of the job – so you can keep track with “live” updates every step of the way.

System Power Shutdown & Power Up
Radiance provides a well-designed and systematic approach to system power shutdown and power up activities. Whether you have a building power shutdown exercise or run one through your own regular maintenance system, you can be assured that our on-site engineering support and standby services for your communications system (unified communications, contact centre, interactive voice response, logger solutions and data networks etc.) and its peripheral equipment will be properly powered down and health checked after power up.

Firmware upgrades and standardisation
Whenever there are free firmware updates or software patches available from our technology partners, Radiance will assess the suitability and the expected impact on your current systems before installation. Firmware standardisation will also be exercised for customers with multiples sites and locations.
Disaster Recovery Planning
The problem with disasters is that you never know when they are going to happen. The only way to deal with disasters is to prepare for them. Radiance helps customers design a disaster recovery plan and conducts simulation tests of possible disasters. In the event of a catastrophe (either natural or man-made), we will ensure you are well prepared and ready to continue normal operations.

On-site Hardware Replacement
Radiance provides hassle-free on-site hardware replacement in the shortest possible interval. For certain sites (local or regional) that are mission critical in nature, we make special arrangements to place critical spare hardware on-site, which includes digital/IP phones, network interface cards and trunk cards, just to name a few.

Trunk Traffic Analysis
Trunk Traffic analysis provides you detailed information about your current telecom usage, traffic patterns and trunk utilisation. Radiance provides analysis reports at each site to identify situations that cause critical trunk resource issues and blockages, and suggests recommendations for trunk increase or reduction, making your communications network highly efficient with reduced costs.

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